Fraud Alert

Unfortunately, a select number of individuals and companies try to take advantage of others in the construction industry. Hence, it's our responsibility to alert you of the fraudulent activity that takes place and how you can avoid being scammed. If you receive an email that offers immediate employment, in return for personal information, it is fraudulent and should be disregarded. Each and every employment opportunity that takes place at UCC undergoes a thorough hiring process, which in most cases includes a face-to-face interview, and never requires payment or money transfer by the employee.

If you are a subcontractor and are asked to send your confidential information over email, please consider it fraudulent. Our policy is to never ask for payment or personal information by our contractors, partners or subsidiaries under any circumstance.

We always take a proactive approach to the fraudulent activity, and continually monitor any suspicious activity that is brought to our attention. If you feel that someone is representing UCC under false pretense, please contact us at +974 4429 2220 or +974 4429 2221 and speak to one of our UCC representatives.


✆   +974 4429 2220
✆   +974 4429 2221