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The purpose of Workers Welfare department and it’s policies are to give effect to the principles and objectives of the workers welfare by setting out minimum mandatory requirements to ensure that workers welfare is always maintained. The Workers Welfare Governing policies established to reinforce the Company's commitment to improving the quality of life of workers across all its business operations and shall be applicable to all Groups, Affiliated companies, subsidiaries and including sub-contractors and suppliers.

Up to 45,000 workers from and around the world have contributed to the productive and diversified talent pool along with their hard work at the peak of our construction and delivering stages of many iconic projects across Qatar. Care for our workers reflects one of our management’s mission and our approach to worker’s welfare by providing and monitoring the services and facilities at their accommodations and projects to achieve UCC Holding’s purpose of “Building for Generations.

Worker’s Welfare Department

UCC Holding is committed to the welfare of its workers, as it recognizes the importance of a healthy and happy workforce in achieving success. The Welfare Department for UCCH has been established to achieve the scope and purpose set on the welfare policy and to establish the best welfare practices for our workers at our accommodations and project sites where the workforce spends their major life span.

During the short duration, the UCCH has achieved many milestones through the core activities which contributed to enhance the work-life balance of our workers.

Major milestones

Independent Logo and slogan for the welfare department has established to make awareness among the workers, where they can approach and raise their grievances without the fear of retaliation.

Established Workers Welfare Committees across the accommodations comprising ‘Workers Welfare Representatives’ from each Business Units to represent different nationalities. The worker’s representatives can raise their grievances on behalf of their communities with a positive intention of optimum solution in favour to workers.

To ensure enhanced organization, coordination, transparency, and efficiency in the management of welfare activities, all the welfare initiatives are configured in a year-round calendar schedule, which comprises all the core activities to reinforce the Company's commitment to continuously improve the quality of life of workers across all business operations. An average of 20 activities are initiated on monthly basis and successfully completed (ie; 240 activities per year).

To ensure and maintain compliance with relevant regulations, to identifying areas of improvement, implementing necessary changes and contribute to the overall quality assurance of the services provided to the workers Welfare Department has established Inspection regime in following areas.
  • Worker’s Accommodation, kitchen and Recreation
  • Food Taste, Quality, Transportation and hygiene
  • Medical Facilities
  • Project welfare Facilities

Introduced an Award and recognition program to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work, dedication, and achievements of employees. UCCH believes that recognizing their efforts boosts morale and motivation, leading to increased job satisfaction and a positive work environment.

With the aim of prioritizing worker's well-being and provide them with the required information, knowledge and resources, Welfare Department has introduced the Welfare Induction for the new joiners. Welfare Inductions help the workers familiarize themselves with the company's policies, procedures, and rights under the law, facilities available to them, employee support services, grievance procedure and dos & don'ts.

Introduced awareness sessions and campaigns to educate, empower, and engage the workers by raising awareness on important topics and internationally recognized days. By providing information on topics such as physical and mental health, work-life balance, and personal development, winter and summer wellness, workers can better manage their overall well-being, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity.

To enhance workforce’s communication skills, allowing them to effectively interact with colleagues, supervisors in the globally recognized language ‘Basic English Learning’ course has been initiated in coordination with third party education institute and the enrolled workers are awarded with certificates.

In coordination with Accommodation Management and different business units, 13 Fan zones are created in different accommodations during the World Cup 2022, to provide a dedicated space for our workers to come together, celebrate, and enjoy the tournament. Each fan zone was equipped with large screens, seating areas, food kiosk and offered a vibrant festive atmosphere during the entire span of tournament. In addition to live telecast of world cup matches, Bollywood Night Shows, Music concerts, Sports Quiz competition, Raffle Draws, Fun Games and Gift distributions shaped a sense of camaraderie and allowed the workers to connect each other regardless the nationalities and communities.

The Welfare Department has attained a splendid milestone in fostering a healthy work-life balance and creating a positive environment for our employees through the scheduled sports and leisure activities. The triumphant completion of several Sports Tournaments (indoor & outdoor) had elevated; worker’s Physical & Mental Well-being, a Break from Routine, Teamwork, and vibrant Company Culture.