Frequently Asked Questions

To request, click on the "Be a Supplier" link on the webpage and fill out the required details. Once submitted, the submission will be reviewed by the Procurement Department. In the event, Procurement Department wish to invite for an RFP, the procurement team will initiate the full registration process to onboard in the supplier portal system

Necessary information includes business details, Bank Details, Communications Details and relevant documentation.

Click on the "Forgot Password" link on the login page and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Approval times vary, but you will receive a notification once your registration is processed.

Review the decline notification for specific reasons. Address the issues and resubmit your registration.

Log in and navigate to the "Supplier Registration" section to update your contact details.

Access the "Post PO processing" section, fill in the required details, and upload your invoice documents.

Yes, training materials are available in the "User Manual" section of the portal for easy access.

Yes, navigate to the "Manage RFQ" section to view and submit bids for available projects.

No, the collaboration through the portal is between you as a supplier and the client

Updates and enhancements are regularly scheduled, and notifications about new features will be communicated through the portal.

Visit the "Supplier Registration section and navigate to bank information tab" to update your banking information for payment transactions.

Integration possibilities are not available in the portal as of now

Supported language in only English as of now

Log in to your account, navigate to the "Post PO processing" section, and follow the prompts to acknowledge the specific purchase order.

Yes, in some cases, suppliers may have the option to reject a purchase order through the Acknowledgement process. Check the platform's guidelines for rejection procedures.

Benefits may include streamlined communication, access to real-time data, improved order management, faster payment processing, and enhanced collaboration with buyers.

Yes, the "Manage RFQ" or "Post PO processing" section typically allows you to view and track past transactions and order details.

Information on updating contact personnel is usually available in the "Contacts" tab in “ supplier registration" section, allowing for changes to be made as needed.

Purchase orders can typically be accessed and downloaded from the "Post PO processing" section within your account.