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UCC Holding Showcases Strategic Competitive Advantages in MENA Construction Projects at the 10th Arab-China Business Conference.


This is given its significant achievements for the delivery of strategic projects for FIFA 2022, which made it a regional player in construction industry.

UCC URBACON Holding, a leading global contractor and ranked 105th global contractor and number 1 in the Arab World and Africa by ENR, demonstrated its unparalleled expertise in fast-track projects during the 10th Arab-China Business Conference held in Riyadh on June 11. The Group CEO of UCC URBACON Holding, Mr. Mohamad Sabri participated as a distinguished panelist, alongside industry leaders, in a discussion on MENA Construction project cooperation. The panel explored key insights into successful project delivery and highlighted UCC URBACON three main strategic competitive advantages.

During the panel discussion, Mr. Sabri emphasized how UCC URBACON has amassed significant experience in fast-track projects, and the success stories that the company made in its significant contributions to the FIFA 2022 projects. He attributed this success to three essential pillars that have shaped UCC URBACON achievements: among so many other things.

The first strategic advantage lies in UCC URBACON dedicated manpower independent division, which operates like a well-coordinated army chain of command for each project. This approach ensures optimal resource allocation and efficient project management, ultimately resulting in timely completion. The creation of this division maintained the smooth transfer of the workforce from one project to another yet develop the skills of its workforce by regular training in top of that enhance the safety awareness to its workforce towards maintaining its zero incident policy.

The second advantage stems from UCC URBACON vertical integration. The company boasts a comprehensive range of specialized subcontracting disciplines, including MEP, Marine work, Infrastructure, landscape, industrial kitchens, joinery, steel fabrication, water technologies, ELV, and various other subcontractors. By having all these disciplines directly or through sister companies, UCC URBACON maintains total control over the value chain, yet enabled smooth progress in the projects and maintain the quality of the works. This independence from third parties guarantees on-time delivery without compromising quality.

UCC URBACON third strategic competitive advantage is its commitment to digitization. The company has invested heavily on having the technology and digitization well used in its overall operation. UCC URBACON has succussed in digitizing all its activities and processes using the world’s best SAP, Microsoft, and Google Cloud technologies, BIM Modeling, Primavera for scheduling, Project Management system and live dashboards This advanced digitization framework allows for quick decision-making, process optimization, and cost and time savings, ultimately enhancing project efficiency. Currently, UCC URBACON is expanding on the modular construction which is a game-changer in the industry.

As the number one contractor in the Arab world and Africa, UCC URBACON continues to expand its presence globally. With boots on the ground in Saudi Arabia and a team of experienced executives and engineers, the company has already begun delivering on its promises with several awarded projects.

The panel discussion was hosted by esteemed industry leaders, besides Mohd Sabri, Eng Zakaria Abdul Gader, Chairman of Saudi Contracting Authority Saudi Arabia; Abdul Aziz Al Furaidi, Senior Vice President of Al Bawani; Fahad Alhashem, Managing Director of Real Estate and Construction Ministry of Investment, Saudi Arabia; Hassan Allam, CEO of Hassan Allam Holding, Egypt; Shawn Shi, Senior Vice President of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, China; and Chi Ma, CEO of China Energy International Group, China. The session was expertly moderated by Ben Simpfendorfer, Pacific Lead at Oliver Wyman.

UCC URBACON Urbacon Holding’s participation in the 10th Arab-China Business Conference solidifies its commitment to fostering collaboration, sharing industry insights, and driving innovation in the MENA construction sector. The company’s proven track record and strategic advantages position it as a key player in delivering successful fast-track projects worldwide.